Anna Franke, born in 1980 in Erlangen, Germany, graduated in 2007 with a degree in Communication Design from the University of Applied Sciences in Nuremberg. Anna Franke pursued additional international studies in Vienna and Salamanca. After gaining experience as an art director in major advertising agencies in Hamburg, she founded the collage collective „Collagitos“ in Hamburg and Berlin and worked as an editorial illustrator. She has participated in various exhibitions and intercultural projects in Hamburg.

Embarking on a research and spiritual journey into the primal forces of nature, Anna Franke delves into the interplay of sensitivity, fragility, and wildness. Her practice explores rhythms, movements, and energies inherent in nature, with the aim of establishing a connection to the Earth, to Femininity, to the Whole. Converging photography, video, painting and sculpture with her body in movement, she works being part of nature rather than depicting it. The process is the focus, as well as the search for a spiritual connection with the landscape, leading her to work directly outdoors.


In the process of creating, moving, changing and destroying, she feels the traces of transience in the fast-moving world. Outdoor practice and travelling respond to the need to be more in touch with nature, especially after the loss of her mother. This event and the artistic residency period she spent in “Joya:Air” during March 2023, mark a milestone in her practice.

Anna Franke challenges the boundaries of painting and expands them. Her approach to landscapes defies conventional formats, taking a physical and experimental stance. Organic forms, primal elements, colour, light, matter, and the body take centre stage in her art. Working with the transitions between wet and dry states, she creates wave forms, furrows, and paths that traverse the material. Engaging in a ritualistic process involving liquid and solid states of matter, Anna layers natural pigments, dust, and water to seamlessly integrate the fabric’s forms into the surroundings, forging a harmonious connection with the land. Her penchant for experimenting extends to unconventional materials such as earth, mud, collected natural objects, beach debris, and text fragments. Painting serves as a research field for the artist, where she explores experimental techniques, natural materials, and the interplay between outdoor work and studio refinement. This cyclic process of creating seeks equilibrium between the internal and external, nature and humanity, body and mind, and idea and material.



Gallery Affenfaust (2012), Hamburg, Collage Paintings

Artstore St. Pauli (2013), Hamburg, Collage Paintings

Gallery nachtspeicher23 e.V. (2013), Hamburg, Collage Paintings

Artroom (2014), Berlin, Collage Paintings

Millerntorgallery #9 (2019), Collage Paintings, Hamburg

Millerntorgallery #11 (2023), Collage Paintings , Hamburg



German-Syrian Society e.V. 2012), Hamburg, Drawings

Gallery Monarc (2013), Hamburg, Drawings

University of Hamburg / Arab Culture Weeks (2014), Hamburg,

Hotel Barceló (2015), Hamburg, Collage Paintings


Currently, she lives and works between Germany and Galicia. She frequently leaves to spend periods in her motorhome in Costa da Morte, Portugal, and Cabo de Gata, looking for significant landscapes where to set her outdoor studio.